Mooned in Colorado

Grasshopper Soup

In the morning I awoke to the train clumsily arriving in Denver with the blood orange sun rising in the east. Most of the night was spent alternating between sleeping across the seat I commandeered next to mine or sitting upright, lazy boy style. Neither of those strategies were too effective.  On a bus ride to New York City some years ago I arrived at a stop in Philadelphia in the same sedated state and I still can’t decide if I can say I’ve been there or not.  Denver looks tyrannically boring. I had read it is best to get a seat in the observation car upon departure from the “Queen City.” Apparently everyone else read this as the car was packed full of geriatrics. A tour guide soon grabbed the mic to narrate our journey and it became apparent he planned to rant for some time. He informed us…

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Pellet Stove


I have a pellet stove and i love it. Pellets are certainly environmentally friendly: they’re made from waste products that otherwise would be land filled or burned in plants.

With these types of stoves you get what you pay for. A good one will set you back anywhere from $1000.00 to $2800.00 but it is worth it. You set the temp you want and if the day warms up it will shut off then start up in the evening when temp cools off.


Pellet Stoves for sale

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